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How is this for our logo...I edited it in Paint so I can change it some more. I can sketch in "The Globe as Classroom

KF: Globalization - the walls coming down literally and figuratively? (I actually like this theme - it speaks to a common curriculum (even global?) as well as all of the other strategies we've spoken about. I'm imagining a cool graphic.)Also, allows for an easy incorporation of global citizenship and international education ( an area I would like to touch on for obvious reasons). Connection of global education to global economy. Yet, at the same time, the idea that the economy will increasingly be run from home over internet. So we are global and local, at the same time. Education must address the whole picture. I like this and have been following the Flat Classroom Project which is growing rapidly. Vicki Davis, Cool Cat Teacher Blog, started it.

Can we get to this for a theme? "The end of the classroom" (OR) "The Globe as Classroom." I'll admit that I have come to hate the word, idea, and even space of the classroom. Could it be that what ties are ideas together is the end of the classroom? I like "The Globe as Classroom" Works for me.Love the logo. Can you make many hands in the center to signify collaboration/collectivism? Does that make it too crowded? Thanks for doing this!
I found the pic and erased some of the words and sketched in 2025. Maybe I can write in names on the hands. I am working in Google Docs now.

  • We are now at a point where we must educate our children in what no one knew yesterday, and prepare our schools for what no one knows yet. - Margaret Mead [#]
[#] Margaret Mead. (n.d.). Retrieved October 29, 2011, from Web site:

The Flat Classroom Project

YouTube - 2001 - Stop Dave

In his article Is Google Making Us Stupid?," Nicholas Carr (2008)

Unused from Home page:

Education is the kindling of a flame not the filling of a vessel. (Socrates)
The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday's logic. (Peter Drucker)

Curriculum and Instruction Ideas

KF - Pedagogy - how will research-based strategies change technology? How will technology change them? (This one I have been doing a lot of reading and research on for my work so I could tackle this first also)


KF - Core curriculum - what will it be? What will it look like?
KF - Connectivism
KF - Gaming (we can have a short blurb with a link to our previous wiki)
KF - Web 3.0 Tagging, tagonomy
KF - Digital generation, Gen Z - who is the learner? (this one interests me, too, but not as much as the equity/access idea below) (need for lifetime learning -- adult learning -- increasing need for graduate degrees -- continuum from K-graduate work as integrated)
KF - Who is the teacher? (Karen had these two questions outside of the three sections. I think we could put them as one.
AH -- What is teaching? Teaching vs. facilitation.
KF - Access, Digital literacy, equity (I would like to take this one on for starters if no one objects) MS I could add some stuff here because my students in DRC have some pretty massive digital literacy gaps.

KF - Digital Citizenship - is it different from just citizenship?
KF - Assessment - how will we assess, evaluate learning and make adjustments to meet the needs of all.
MS - Technology based portfolio assessment
AH -- project based assessment, including service learning/community involvement
MS - Eliminating the use of letter grades
BM-School Day of the Future

Learning Spaces

BM- Classrooms of the Future, Telford, UK
BM Introductory?
KF - Augmented Reality (videos below)
KF - Virtual reality - second life, etc.
KF - Gesture-based computing (from Horizon report)
KF - ubiquitous learning
  • Who Owns Schools? Ubiquitous Learning blog
KF - buildings of the future (no buildings? entirely cloud based?)
KF - the Cloud - what/how/where/when
MS - Design Technology - Design and Technology Accommodation in Secondary Schools
MS - Unlimited storage capacity and bandwidth
MS - Digital Libraries - (Love this idea. WHAT will they be like? Could curation be under this subheading?)
MS - Mobile Computing
MS - Videoconferencing (is this dated now due to VR and other platforms)
MS - Increasing space requirements per student ( are classrooms becoming obsolete - this could also go in sustaining the vision)
MS - Increasing diversity
MS - Increased importance of informal learning settings
AH - student generated learning -- the flipped classroom -- including learning in the outside world -- the open classroom
AH - more flexible timelines for courses, programs -- anytime entry and exit -- mega courseseither MOOCs or for credit
AH - team teaching open massive courses, each instructor on AN activity and assignment, all the time?
BM-Blended Learning Horn, M & Staker, H. (Jan 2011) The Rise of K-12 Blended Learning
"Online learning is sweeping across America. In the year 2000, roughly 45,000 K–12 students took
an online course. In 2009, more than 3 million K–12 students did. What was originally a distancelearning
phenomenon no longer is. Most of the growth is occurring in blended-learning environments,
in which students learn online in an adult-supervised environment at least part of the time. As this
happens, online learning has the potential to transform America’s education system by serving as the
backbone of a system that offers more personalized learning approaches for all students."

Sustaining the Vision

KF - Professional Development and PLN (I've also done a lot of work on this already, but I think we all have!)
KF - Structures/systems: Will Districts exist? Schools?
KF - School/business/govt partnerships
KF - Research and data-based decisions (I stole this idea from Karen)
MS - ActiveCampus
MS - Create a framework for sustaining technology integration in educational settings Idea stolen from
MS - Sustaining and Disruptive Innovation
AH - for profit models
AH - accountability to taxpayers, transparency to justify expense
AH - DIY U -- the students who will collect courses from various institutions of various sorts, creating their own "program"

BM (Clorox grants)
www.toolboxforeducation (Lowe's toolbox for education) My Fun City Unlimited Priorities

Resources I'm just throwing up here for now

MS - Emerging Technology and Learning Spaces

MS - Sustaining and Disruptive Innovation

MS - ActiveCampus - Sustaining Education through Mobile Technology?

MS - Design and Technology Accommodation in Secondary Schools Part 1

MS - Design and Technology Accommodation in Secondary Schools Part 2A

MS - A report that takes a lot about the role technology will play in the future of STEM curriculum and instructional design

Education Futures Timeline
With resources.

Augmented Reality

The World Citizen
Global Student Mobility
BM Education in 2025 --My daughter had a BLAST dancing to the music...had to play it twice before she went to bed, lol!
Constructivism in Education


The Sixth S (gesture tech from MIT)

Michael Wesch - The Machine is Us/ing Us