Resources - Learning Spaces

Resources - Learning Spaces

Below are some resources that are helpful when designing and thinking about learning spaces and their relation to technology.

Resources focused on technology integration in the classroom.

Technology Integration in Education helps to facilitate the use of technology in the classroom. The website includes reviews of educational technologies, links to blogs, links to free technology resources, and a variety of other useful information about technology and education.

School Technology Solutions is a blog about new educational technologies as well as information about how to integrate technology into the classroom.

University of Maryland Human-Computer Interaction Lab is an amazing website that has numerous reviews of educational technologies, dating all the way back to 1983, as well as links to books, resources, and presentations.

Resources focused on the physical creation of the classroom of the future.

University of Maryland Human-Computer Interaction Lab also has great ideas, backed up and informed by research, about how to design the physical spaces of classrooms of the future.

DIET (Distance Education and Instructional Technology) Blog has a four part series on the classroom and educational technologies of the future.

EDUCAUSE Future of the Learning Space: Breaking Out of the Box is an article written in 2005 but it still has some relevant ideas about the future of learning spaces.

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